Practice Problem: Gibbs Free Energy

Given Question: The reaction given above is accompanied by the Enthalpy of the reaction (H) and the entropy (S). Determine the change in Gibbs Free energy (G) and if the reaction is spontaneous or not. If the reaction isn't spontaneous, calculate the temperature in which it will be.  Start off by listing what we know, … Continue reading Practice Problem: Gibbs Free Energy

Calculating Final Temperature of Heated Al in H2O (Example)

Given Problem: A block of Aluminum has a mass of 32.5 grams and is at 45.8° C. It's placed in 105.3 grams of water at 15.4° C. What's the final temperature for both the aluminum and water? 1.  These are the equations we're going to use. Because we have two equations for q, we can substitute … Continue reading Calculating Final Temperature of Heated Al in H2O (Example)

Calculating Temperature Change Using Q=mCsΔT

This problem is designed to get you comfortable working with the equation given, and is good because it gets you to think of Q in terms of joules. Given Problem: 25 grams of gold (Au) is initially at 27°C. It absorbs 2.35 kJ of heat. What is the final temperature of the gold? The specific heat … Continue reading Calculating Temperature Change Using Q=mCsΔT