Lesson 5a: Theoretical, Actual, and Percent Yield.

    In which we explore theoretical and actual yields! And I make a personal record of how many times I can say, "My bad" onscreen. Trouble accessing the video? Check us out on YouTube!  Questions, comments, concerns? Email us at heychemistryblog@gmail.com. Science rules!! x

Determining Precipitate Yield (g) in Aqueous Solution

Given Question: Given the reaction: K3(PO4)+ Ni(SO4)→ K3(SO4)(aq)+Ni(PO4)(s), with 100.0 ml of K3PO4 and 200.0 ml of NiSO4 under standard conditions, how many grams of precipitate form?  Step 1: Determine the limiting reactant and the precipitate.  In order to determine the limiting reactant, one must convert all reactants to moles (mol). In this case, we can … Continue reading Determining Precipitate Yield (g) in Aqueous Solution