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Lesson videos are in-depth explanations of concepts. They cover a general topic and usually have 1-2 example problems worked out in them. If you’re looking for videos working out just example problems, check out our Work Problems page under the General content tab.

If there isn’t a topic covered here that you’d like to see, you can request it via our contact page. 

Work Problems:

The purpose of this page is to show various work problems and how they’re solved.

The photo problem walk throughs are designed for the more common comprehension questions found in a chemistry classroom.

The video problem walk through are designed for more advanced synthesis and critical thinking problems. These have their own videos because they’re a lesson in themselves.

Video Lessons Master List: 

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  1. Melinda this blog is so cool and helpful!!! It’s really cool of you to offer these resources on your own time and for free. I check in every so often and it makes me really happy to see you so passionate. Also this blog is anti capitalist which kicks ass. Keep up the good work. Ily 🤟

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