Further Knowledge

Need a break? More information? Or do you really like the history of science? Look no further, we have you covered. You nerd.

georgewc-1   rutherford    daly-maynard-marie-128px    UmaChowdry   gettyimages-163237017-11

You can check out profiles of some well-known and some not-so-well-known chemists. Learn about how some of the greatest names came to be, as well as why they rose to notoriety.


Additionally, if you’re interested in applicable careers in chemistry (what can one even do with a chemistry degree?), explore fields ranging from academics to public outreach.



Finally, a personal pet project: profiles of womxn in chemistry fields. This is in response to the lack of a centralized reference base for femme STEM accomplishments. Even as society is progressing, there are still glass ceilings and hoop skirts to jump through. Here at HeyChem, we believe intersectionality is a tool to have in any toolbox. Our goal is to celebrate and educate on the womxn who have changed the world through their scientific accomplishments.

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