HeyChem Update

Hello hello!

Welcome to HeyChem if this is your first time visiting, and a warm welcome back to any returning users.

As you can see, there has been not much activity on here since about October or November 2017. It’s been crazy behind the scenes here, trying to build an adult life and what not.

As some things are shifting in the background, we hope to start producing content soon. Lots of things are on the back burner or stewing for further thought. But the endgoal is to up quality in video edits and create more varied content. Maybe even see my face? Who knows, it’s a crazy wide world.

Let us know what YOU want to see here. How can we serve our users better? Email us at heychemistryblog@gmail.com or drop a comment.

For now, it’s exams time, so keep an ear out for something coming down the chute at the end of quarter.


Thanks everyone!

~Science Rules


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