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Given Question: The reaction given above is accompanied by the Enthalpy of the reaction (H) and the entropy (S). Determine the change in Gibbs Free energy (G) and if the reaction is spontaneous or not. If the reaction isn’t spontaneous, calculate the temperature in which it will be. 

  1. Start off by listing what we know, which is the information given plus some background knowledge.
  2. Calculate the ΔG using the equation.
  3. Find ΔG in Joules.
  4. Convert to kJ, which results in a low value for ΔG. This is nonspontaneous, so we need to calculate the temperature in which it will be.
  5. Rearrange the equation to find T in kelvins.
  6. This is the temperature at which the reaction will be spontaneous.

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Practice Problem: Gibbs Free Energy

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