June Pride STEM Stories- Hannah

(From June 4th, 2017) 

“The Scientific Queery:

“The Scientific Queery
When I mentioned I loved talking to the new faculty member
A third year queer guy mentioned that the professor seems friendly to our kind
And it seems like it shouldn’t be something needed to be said
And yet I can count the number of people
I’m definitively out to in my field
On two hands at most
That I find that guy’s statement seems irrelevant
When the the unofficially sapphic relationship
Dissolved from not having a room of my own
Moving from the lgbt center to her office
To now a mix between the lgbt center and responsibility
Soon responsibility will take precedent when my summer boss arrives
I have fallen into the pitfalls of productivity of science
Before personal identity
Which part of me still believes,
So I live in the in between
Where its something on a need to know basis
Most people don’t need to know
While feeling guilty of not being able
To serve my intersectionality
So I push my boundaries day by day
Hoping it gets easier to do
Once I fall into an established place”- Hannah 

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