Profiles for June, Organic Chemistry, and What’s Next

Hello everyone!

As Heychem picks up some more traffic in our summer months, I wanted to catch up with ya’ll! I know it’s been a while since I posted, but between finals and a job, it’s been crazy! I have some things cooking in my mind for the next few months when hopefully I’ll have some more down time.

June is known as national Pride month in the United States. As a firm supporter of equal rights for all, Heychem is trying something new(ish)! This month, all of our profiles will feature an LGBTQ chemist, whether current or historical. This is to show how many of our colleagues and inspirations are/were queer themselves, and that the queer lifestyle stretches to all aspects of life, including chemistry. We also did this for our Black History Month 2017! We are aware of the many forms in which oppression manifests in the scientific world, and we’re determined to help stop the hate. If you are a queer STEM contributor and want to share your story, contact us! Anonymity is guaranteed, no accidental outings here.

I also achieved a personal goal, making it through all of my organic chemistry courses! Doesn’t seem like much, but this is two years in the making. My last class of it is next Wednesday, and I’m very happy to put it behind me. As time goes on, I’ll post more and more organic chemistry stuff. I’m definitely not as adept to explain with this subject, but I wanna show all of you aspiring scientists out there what it looks like. So expect some organic chem experiments in the coming months, hopefully!


And finally, I wanna thank you. Operating a website about free education has been some weird, sick dream of mine. I couldn’t have made this a possibility if it weren’t for all of you who come back or tell your friends about us. Thank you so much, reader. We owe you. As our base begins to grow, I never want any of you repeat reading offenders to forget that this website is all about you. Heychem is here to stay for whoever needs it.

Thanks, Cheers, and Happy June Ya’ll! 😀


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