Welcome to Heychemistry.com! We are a free online resource designed with the student in mind. Heychem is a tutoring website offering a unique aspect on chemistry education. Our mission is to further understanding of chemical theories and applications, improve academic scores and performance, and promote enthusiasm for chemistry.

Here, we are devoted to hearing your voice. If questions, concerns, or corrections arise, contact us at heychemistryblog@gmail.com.



Meet the Tutor:

Hello everyone! Welcome welcome. My name is Melinda, and I am the main HeyChemTutor here at HeyChemistry! I started this website as a passion project to store all of the information I accumulated while learning and tutoring in the real world.


I’m currently a student in OR, USA. I’m majoring in marine biology and minoring in chemistry, and I love my work.

I used to dread chemistry class because none of it made sense. That all changed with some amazing educators that I owe my many many thanks to.

If I’m not found over a piece of homework, I’m usually on the internet or I have my nose in a book.

My favorite topics of chemistry include the organics and biochemistry – seeing as I really need them for my career.

The most difficult topic for me to learn while I was studying was those involving enthalpy and entropy.

Seeing as I am a student first, sometimes I don’t make timely updates. I do my best, but as we all know, our own grades come first. Thank you for all the patience!

Either way, I’m always looking forward to improving my content and quality!


All of my undergraduate chemistry instructors are the reason I’m here and have the content I have. I try to glean as much as I can from as many resources, but it gets difficult. So please, this site is really because of them. Please explore their own individual pathways, each instructor brought something interesting and unique to the table. Thanks to them and the rest of the OSU chemistry department for their instruction and support.


May Nyman

Dr. May Nyman earned her PhD in chemistry from the University of New Mexico in 1997. Before joining the Oregon State community, Nyman worked in NM as a staff chemist for Sandia National Laboratories. Nyman is interested in, “aqueous metal-oxo clusters”. Learn more at her official lab website →. 

Burrows, Sean_0

Sean Burrows


Dr. Sean Burrows earned his PhD in chemistry from Texas Tech University in 2009 and has since proved his enthusiasm for his discipline. Now employing optics and lasers, Burrows is researching effective ways to fight the progression of cancer. The goal of his lab is to, “… develop an interdisciplinary research program bridging chemistry, biology, and analytical instrumentation.” Learn more at his official lab website →. 


Maduka Ogba

Dr. Maduka Ogba earned his PhD in chemistry at Oregon State University in 2016. After completing his doctorate, Ogba went to perform his post-grad fellowship at Pomona College from 2016-2018. Currently, Ogba is an assistant professor at Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University. Learn more at his official lab website →

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